This Mother’s Day, how about bonding over books?

This Mother’s Day, how about bonding over books?

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, March 10, the day when traditionally mums get breakfast in bed (if they’re very lucky) and a day off from the usual chores. How about this Mother’s Day spending some of that free time reading with your children? Even if your youngsters are a little older, reading aloud to, or alongside, them is a great way to bond in a calming, quiet atmosphere.

We’ve been thinking, here at The Elephant’s Trunk, of all the benefits that reading with children brings. Not only is it a way to spend quality time together, it fosters in them a love for literature, language and also art, when you consider all the wonderful illustrations.

Here are our top ten tips on how to make reading with your children part of a regular routine, making the most of that time together.

1.       Start when they are young

Begin reading to your child as early as possible, even during their baby years and infancy. This helps establish a routine and familiarity with books from a young age. It also means they will associate books with being close to you, and all the positive feelings this generates.

Reading is an excellent activity for little ones, if you want them to calm down before a daytime nap or their bedtime.


2.       Choose age-appropriate books

Select books that are suitable for your child’s age and interests, but also be led by them – don’t try to impose your choices.

For younger children, colourful picture books, or stories with illustrations, work well. Older children will gravitate towards longer stories, and may enjoy chapter books or novels.

There is a whole world of children’s literature for every age. And, don’t forget, you might want to try personalised books, like those written and published by The Elephant’s Trunk team.


3.       Make story-time interactive

When you’re reading to your child, try to engage them with the story by asking questions, pointing out pictures, and discussing the plot and characters. This helps develop their comprehension skills  and vocabulary, and keeps them actively involved in the reading experience.


4.       Create a cozy reading environment

If you have space, why not set up a special reading corner, or if not, just pick the best place on the couch. Turn off other distractions like the television and screens, snuggle under blankets, dim lights other than the reading light, and make the experience feel really special and personal to you and your child.


5.       Read aloud together

If your child is able, why not take turns reading aloud to each other. This isn’t just practice for their reading, it creates a shared experience and you will bond through mutual storytelling.


6.       Act out stories

Make reading fun and even more interactive by acting out characters together, using different voices, and incorporating props or costumes. It makes story-time extra creative for you both.


7.       Make connections

If you can, relate the story to your child’s own experiences, interests, or emotions. This might seem tricky if the books are about dragons, pirates or fairies, but in actual fact the stories themselves will provoke different feelings like excitement, or happiness, or even trepidation! Ask your child how they would feel or what they would do in similar situations, encouraging empathy and critical thinking.


8.       Visit the library or bookshop together

We love libraries because they make reading and books free for everyone. Alternatively (or as well), you could browse in bookstores together. Whatever your preference, make it part of your routine and let your child explore different genres, to discover new books that capture their imagination.


9.       Keep it positive

Maintain a positive attitude towards reading, and make it fun, pressure-free and enjoyable. Reading should be a joyful experience for both of you.


10.   Celebrate milestones

Be full of praise your child’s efforts and progress in reading, whether it’s mastering a new word, finishing a book, or showing enthusiasm for a particular story. By celebrating these milestones together, you’ll reinforce their love for reading and confirm that reading together is a pleasure.


So, why not strengthen your bond with your child this Mother’s Day – in fact any and every day – by picking a book, sitting down together and reading.

And if you would like some inspiration for a personalised book, why not browse through our books, and see if something sparks your imagination.