About us

The Elephant’s Trunk is a children’s book publishing company based in Castlebellingham Co. Louth, Ireland. 

Our team at The Elephant's Trunk is very conscious of the lack of inclusion and diversity in children’s books, which isn’t fair. We are all human, and that’s what makes us all the same, but it also makes us all different and unique, born with differing needs, born with the ability to grow and change, and born with the need to belong and to be included.

We know that children with disabilities and differing needs are sometimes not included, so when we created The Elephant’s Trunk, we ensured that our stories would include all children. Everyone is welcome into the story world of the magical Bellingham Village, where anything is possible. All you have to do is dream and believe.

Bring the wonderful world of story alive for your child with our excellent books that allow their image, name, personalised dedication, and message to be included in an exceptional gift that they will enjoy again and again for years to come.

We have developed a character builder that allows you to have fun building an image of your child that will put them at the heart of every story.

To ensure your child is represented in our character builder, we have included extra features, such as an image of your child if they’re a Little person/Dwarfism or have Down’s Syndrome. Some children need wheelchairs, walking frames, walking aids, assistance dogs, hearing aids and glasses. Along with these options, you can choose from different hairstyles, eye shapes, eye colour, skin colour and a different selection of clothes. 

We know we haven’t captured everyone, but we will, over time, add more selections to the character builder to try and increase our ability to transport more children into their own story book.

Thank you for letting The Elephant’s Trunk bring excitement and joy to your child, we hope they enjoy their special gift, and we thank you for donating to our charities. (Details on our home page).

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